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We are an independent family run team of web developers, producing all of our websites in-house – nothing is outsourced.  Leading the team is David whose background in IT development has been wide and varied over more than 30 years in the business, latterly focused on the development of online offerings for a large multi-national business.

What this means is you get the service and attention you deserve, with typical turnaround from start to finish being 1 to 2 weeks (usually slightly more for ECommerce sites).  This does assume the client is on hand to deliver their contributions without too much delay.  Development times will extend where a client is unsure of what they want to publish but we can of course offer suggestions.  We would encourage activities such as trawling the web for sites of a similar nature or sites with examples of features that we can incorporate.  Ultimately, you can be as hands-on (or hands-off) as you like.  If you’re not a natural wordsmith don’t worry – we can take your sound bites and polish them.

David - founder of Website Design Falkirk, based in Larbert
Website Design Falkirk and Online Marketing

With our very own Marketing expert on the team, we can offer specialist advice on this topic.  Elise is an honours graduate in International Business and Marketing and is available to offer advice on online marketing to all of our clients.  Whether it’s simply a case of outlining the kinds of options to consider or you need a complete revamp (or launch) of your Marketing Strategy, Elise is on hand to help and this can even extend beyond the bounds of your online offering.

Creating a new website, or upgrading an existing one presents the ideal opportunity to extend your Marketing reach.  While just having a website does some of the job for you, it’s how you approach the entire web design that can really enhance your standing in the online marketing race.

We always urge all of our clients to consider this as part of the overall package and we will tailor this to your needs and budget.  Information is key and we’ll gather your thoughts on this aspect at our initial consultation.


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