We believe there are several distinct stages of Web Design and Support – all of which, to some extent, are a collaboration between client and web design team.

Bear in mind we are with you every step of the way, and will be at the end of the phone, email or web chat whenever you need us.

Website Design Falkirk Publish and Support

How do we help get you on the Web?

There are good and bad ways to go about Web Design.  We hope our approach works for pretty much everyone.  Why not make an appointment to discuss your requirements?

Having a Bright Web Design Idea

Understand what you need

Websites tend to follow a standard construction – there’s always a homepage giving an overview of your business or organisation.  It will highlight a few key features or services.  This is usually where you can be most artistic!

Then there’s usually an “About us” page, giving some more detail and history to what you do.  A “Services” page will outline the services you offer, where you can really explain what you provide.  The “Contact” page shows all your contact details and, along with a contact form, there will be various ways for people to get in touch.  If you want it, that can also include online chat – which you can even answer in real-time while you’re on the go via a mobile app.  Check out ours – at the bottom left of each page, using our corporate colours!

An eCommerce site will also have a Shop page, often with different categories of product which will be listed in a submenu within the main Shop menu.

Clients who know they need a website for their business aren’t always clear on what they want it to look like – even if they do know what they want it to say.  This is what’s known as ‘content’ and it’s often harder to come up with than people think.  Obviously, we can help with this stage as with any other, although the cheapest web sites are those where the client has significant input to their content.  Our prices reflect this, meaning a 5-page (or section) website costs as little as £395.  And there’s all-inclusive monthly hosting and maintenance starting at £39.  Prices rise the more involvement you need from us and we’ll assess this as we consult with you.

After a free initial consultation, often less than 30 minutes, we should have a good idea of what the website should be and from that we can offer a tailored quote

Gather your Web Design resources

Resources (Stuff you will need)

Resources you need for your website are things like:


  • what you want to say to your visitors / customers
  • it can be as detailed or as brief as you want (not too brief or Google and the other search engines won’t rate you highly enough)
  • We can help so don’t worry if you’re not a natural wordsmith
  • For brand identity.  Everyone needs a Logo – to engage with your customers and visitors and to be ‘memorable’
  • We can help you build a logo if you don’t already have one (in digital form)
  • The chance to be ‘eye-catching’. 
  • The more eye catching the more likely visitors to your website stick around (which also helps your Google ranking)
  • If you have an online shop selling goods or services, you’ll definitely need these!
  • The higher quality the better!  You want to let customers zoom in and see your products in detail

Of course, all of these can be presented in a multitude of inventive ways. For example you can have pattern/image backgrounds, picture galleries, image sliders, animations as well as various text fonts and sizes.  If you know what you want (you may have seen it elsewhere) you can point us in the right direction.  We can use templates, giving a common theme throughout, which can often speed up the whole process (reducing cost)

Review your web design prototype

Produce a Prototype (see how it looks and works)

You want to not only see what we’ve created – you also want to take it for a test drive and make sure between us we’ve thought of everything!

We give you a unique web address for you to use and share as far as you like, with a fully working, password-protected website.  At this point you take as long as you need to make sure you have everything you want and it’s all laid out perfectly, across all types of device – desktop/laptop, tablet and mobile phone.

When we publish your website to a test web address, you (and if you choose, your friends and family) can try it out at home before it’s finally published to your own web address.  This way we don’t let any of your prospective customers see an unfinished product, which could potentially damage your reputation.  Instead, we can try and test every feature is working as it should.  For example, check that submitted contact forms actually do reach your inbox and contain all of the information your website’s visitor has completed.

Web Design published

Publish and Support

Once we are each happy with the finished website, we publish it to your unique web address.  Then everyone in the world can start to access it.  Of course, that isn’t the end of the story….

Support is vital to make sure everything about your website is perfect, and that’s why we provide 3 months free support following publication.  If someone comments that something’s not quite right – some piece of text could be written better, an image doesn’t display properly on certain devices etc., we will put it right quickly and without any fuss – for free. 

Publishing isn’t a one-off exercise, of course.  You should anticipate many changes to improve and supplement your online content.  We are here for you when (not if) further small (or large) changes become necessary.

Long-term Support

We are all busy.  You are too busy to look after a website!  You’re normally too busy to look after the day-to-day running of your business or organisation!!  If the website suddenly has an urgent security update, to keep your details safe (and those of your customers), you don’t want to be faffing around when you have so many more worthwhile things to do.

That’s where a monthly maintenance package (like one we provide, starting from £39 per month) comes into it own.

There are many typical jobs in the longer term support your website – some or all of which we can undertake on your behalf (click ‘Read More’ to see options)

  • Domain and hosting renewal (unless you manage this for yourself)
  • Text or image updates – you may want a recent photo you’ve taken (or found online) added to or replaced on your site
  • Addition of Social Media integration (for this we would quote separately, depending on your requirements)
  • Update or create a Google Business listing, making sure it points to your new web address
  • Review of and updates to the site for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Set up email addresses, if required setting up automatic forwarding to your established email address
  • Security and plugin updates
  • Test the integrity of the site and any links (especially important after any updates are made)
  • Regularly take full backups of the site so that it can quickly be reinstated if anything compromises your content
  • Offer advice on SEO, pay-per-click, Online Marketing, Google Advertising, Social Media advertising etc.
  • Advice on DIY content management
  • … and just about anything else you can think of!
Internet Marketing

Digital Marketing

Most people think they no longer need a Web Designer once (s)he finishes the job and the site is published – WRONG!

It’s all very well having a modern, elegant and responsive website – but what if nobody visits it?  Then it’s just a massive white elephant and a hole down which your investment has disappeared.

We have experts on the team who can help!

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