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Services We Provide


How do we help get you on the Web?

Creating or upgrading a website can be a daunting prospect, which many people try but few actually manage to get off the ground. This is why help from Web Design professionals is key.  Let’s introduce the services we provide.

From the reservation and purchase of your unique web address (domain name), its hosting (web real estate) through to publication and maintenance, we are by your side every step of the way. We can even offer help when you are deciding on what you want to appear on your website (content). Even if what content you have isn’t particularly polished, we can help bring it up to scratch – whether that’s images or text.


A website is unique to you and your business or organisation. You may have branding of your own or just some ideas from other sites you've seen. We can help you to produce a design and layout that grabs your visitors' attention and delivers for you.

Social media Integration

Integrating with Social Media is what can turn a simple web presence into a modern, interactive and engaging website, delivering for you and your customers. Of course to have the impact it definitely can achieve, it has to be handled in a professional way, so use our in-house expertise and harness its huge potential.


We'll take care of all the technical aspects, while your effort can be focussed on deciding what you want to say to your target audience. With such a wide range of options, you can expect to see multiple revisions over the course of the development cycle.


Selling products and services via your website, generating new revenue, can turn any ordonary business into an extraordinary one. If you have goods or services to sell online we can get you up and running in no time. With our help and training, you can manage your own online shop just as easily as you would your real world one.


A website can be so much more than an online brochure advertising your goods or services - to those who care to look for it. We help you take advantage of what the World Wide Web can offer your business, its trade and growth. Use our expertise and aim high

Help and Support

Even with our entry-level package, our websites come with 3 months of warranty and support included because we realise no-one really gets it completely right first time. Extended support is also likely to benefit most of our clients and our keen prices are tailored to your specific requirements - giving you peace of mind on-going.

Choose Plan

Affordable Packages

Basic Plan

If this is your first professional website, this package delivers a quality product and gets you online and visible to your customers - and it can be easily expanded

Most Popular
Standard Plan

Get a multi-page website with multiple sections to provide additional information and imagery. Adds to the features of the Basic Plan with....

Premium Plan

Adding on the Standard Plan with almost all of the features you could realistically want for a professional offering plus your choice of some premium features


Need custom services?

Choose from a menu of custom features

additional options

What add-ons can I have?

Services we provide you with to produce your new website

Every website is different and so too are the list of its features – those that are seen as required and simply desired. It’s definitely not just about adding bells and whistles for the sake of it.

All of the options we offer as ‘add-ons’ have their place and level of usefulness to different businesses. If your organisation is crying out for just one of these features, we can add it – all are individually priced. Discounts are available if you add two or more of the services we provide in the same quote.

If you are looking for an eCommerce website, to allow you to sell online, you should consider using an eCommerce RFP – request for proposal.  Various resources are available online, one of the good ones being offered by Design Rush.

Additional Pages - From £45

Add further pages or blog posts, over and above what's included in a package. Each page is priced independently depending on its complexity. We'll make an assessment and issue a bespoke Quote for online acceptance before we begin

Invoice and Quote system - £250

Issue quotes and invoices for your services and get paid online via Paypal or card payment. Quotes can be accepted online and transform automatically to a draft invoice. Super easy to use (training is included)

Live Web Chat - £150

Linked to the leading free-to-use Live Web Chat service (TAWK.TO) this service lets you answer your customers' questions and chat with them in real-time.... even on the go from your free mobile phone app (iOS and Android)

Social Media Integration - £50

Add a social media feed from Instagram or Twitter for automatic updates to your website. Your every post (or selected posts) reach your website in real-time

Online Shop - from £495

If you have products or services to sell via your website, adding an eCommerce capability needn't break the bank. This price also includes coaching on how to maintain your online shop for yourself

Appointment Booking - £195

Link your Google (or similar) calendar to and create a "book an appointment" page. Free to use with a single appointment type. Link your Zoom account for virtual meetings - automatic emails are issued to your clients with Zoom links

Customer Priced Gift Card - £40

Let your customers create a gift card of a value they choose and send it to their chosen recipient via email. Generates a corresponding coupon code for use in your online shop

Additional Products - £40

Pass us your product images and descriptions and we'll add groups of 12 to your online shop. Training on how to do this is included if you buy an eCommerce website, but if you have no time...


We start by listening to our clients' thoughts to understand what their website needs to do for them


With a working prototype to discuss, we begin to home in on our client's ideal design

Review and Refine

Multiple revisions will be made to each page until all of the content is finalised and ready to publish


When it's all ready, the domain name and hosting package is chosen and the website goes live

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